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About us

Our love of yoga, fitness, travel and exotic cultures, has moved us to share our passion with the world by developing and designing natural fiber yoga clothes that are responsibly manufactured in Bali, Indonesia. If our clothing can be a part of your practice, we thank you. We appreciate you supporting a small independently owned company instead of a corporate giant. You can be sure that we will take your dollars and spread them consciously. If we can think of the whole world as our home and continue to travel and help others along the way, then we are happy. If you can be comfortable in your own skin and the clothes that cover it (when necessary) then we hope Lotus Tribe becomes your tribe. Additional treasures found while exploring new countries will be available in limited numbers as we find them. We also plan to have social business and not for profit items to help individuals as the opportunities arise. This is for them, for us, for you, for the planet, for the collective shift that is growing across the globe. You do not have to dress or live by the societal norms your have been taught. You can be an individual and express your true self while still being part of a tribe. Are we your tribe? You can reach us by email or Facebook message with any questions or comments you may have, we would love to hear from you!