tree planted for every purchase!

About us

After raising our sons in Northern California we were compelled to find out what else the world had to offer. We gave away our possessions, left the familiarity of our own country, and headed for South East Asia.  We started Lotus Tribe Clothing as a way to support our travels. Tree hugging, dirt worshipping, plant powered, nature lover soul mates who have been together forever and are best friends.

Our goal is to follow our bliss, live life fully aware and present, practicing yoga and exploring new countries and ways to live. We are into reggae music, permaculture, solar power, rain catchment, composting, gardening, off grid self sufficiency and community. We found a magical little village in the mountains of northern Thailand that we now call home most of the year. We're thrilled to be a part of this eclectic, international community of artists and musicians. We live a slow life, with time to read, eat good food, commune with nature and share in dance, laughter and ceremony with our neighbors. My husband and I are both vegetarian, and practice a yoga lifestyle, not just the asana aspect. We feel we are stewards of the Mother Earth and have been life long environmentalists and die hard ecowarriors. As much as we are anti consumerist culture, we realize people are going to continue buying things, like yoga clothes, so decided to provide a more ethical and environmentally friendly product than the synthetic athletic wear widely available. We sell only natural fiber clothing. In the future we hope to transition to an all organic cotton supplier and possibly a hemp blend. We work with only one family in Bali, and there are no big factories and other horrors of the garment industry. Good working conditions at a fair wage, like fair trade, but we do not have certification. We have also partnered with TreeSisters (an absolutely fantastic organization!) and now for every item purchased we will have a tree planted somewhere in the world. If you want to check out their work, go to

We feel conscious consumerism is the only way to truly vote, to speak with your dollars. Every purchase you make is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Supporting small, independently owned companies who have ethical values and environmental responsibility is true activism. There is a collective shift that is growing across the globe, join us. Are we your tribe?